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run for your lives!! like, omg, biffy!

the basics
name: Criss
age: 15
where you live: New York Fking City
where you were born: here ^
favorite head traumas: other than that time i feel off a bench and my head was bleeding... Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Marilyn Manson, Pedro The Lion, The Velvet Underground, Marcy Playground, The Misfits. I'll stop so I don't go on forever.
favorite poisons: Arcenic goes well with koolaid... and... Coke, Water (it's always fucking good so stfu), lemonade, green apple smirnoff twist, jones soda berry lemonade, gingerale (the not sweet kiind that is too fucking expensive)
favorite eye candies-
people: Sadly, I don't really have many at the moment. oh wait: Julian Casablancas, Kentonisasexybastardbutiwouldn'tdatehimever, that dude who works at Freaks.
tv shows: i love the [insert era here], forensic files, stuff on the food network, stuff that was canceled, family guy, that 70's show
movies: Donnie Darko, Elephant, Office Space, Dangerous Lives of Alter Boys, Dodgeball kicked ass, Fight Club, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch. oh shit i like too much stuff.
plays: I don't actually see many plays (poor...) but - the lionking kicked (yes it's a musical i know, still a play). and um. i actually really liked the glass menagerie, anything by shakespear is awesome (if well acted of course). arsenic and old lace, once upon a matress (AHAHAHA).
books: Cat's Cradle, Brave New World, Welcome to the Monkey House, Harry Potter (um, yes, shut up), Tales of the Unexpected.
porn: Carmen Electra is hot. Gay porn is funny. And hot.
do you...
smoke?: not cigarettes.
drink?: doesn't everyone?
drugs?: just pot
premarital sex?: should just be accepted by now. c'mon. sex is good. (that's a yes)
what is...
most annoying question people ask?: "are you 18?"
your favorite hang out: was jack's house... but St. Marks Place.
your opinion on gay marriage: two people in love Vs. two people in love. i don't see the difference
the pythagorean theorem: something that they should stop bothering to teach us over and over because we all get it by now.
finish these
if i could change one thing about the world i would: get rid of nuclear weapons. way too powerful. you can't get rid of all weapons because it just doesn't work but nucs are just... insane.
if i could change one thing about myself i would: have better skin.
roses are red, violets are blue: when you die they'll be burried with you.
respond to these
no, not the red button!! anything but the red button!!!: JUST TRY TO ESCAPE NOW, MR. BOND!
how could you?: i'm sorry, i thought it was your sister.
take your shoes off i want to suck your toes: can you suck out that hangnail?
and finally...
who killed the kennedys? courtney love. she killed them all...
post at least three pics of yourself, and no more than 10:

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um obviously YES because you are too cool/hot to exist. yeah i dont have the accepted picture yet, but soon. just wait. once im back in civilization