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run for your lives

the basics
name: Brittney
age: 18
where you live: Hollywood
where you were born: Sioux Falls, SD
favorite head traumas (music): anything but country, rap and most r&b
favorite poisons (drinks): mountain dew, JD, any fruit drink that comes in a little box with a straw
favorite eye candies- boys with nice hair and tight clothing
tv shows: hate TV
movies: too many my family is addicted
plays: yes I was in a few (career...what can I say)
books: not many but I loved the lovely bones and me talk pretty one day
porn: nope
do you...
smoke?: eh not really
drink?: read favorite drinks (JD der)
drugs?: no
premarital sex?: only with my fiance (there aren't any girls who've met my standards yet)
what is...
most annoying question people ask?: did that hurt?! (tattoo)
your favorite hang out: Hollywood & Highland cuz I don't have to walk far
your opinion on gay marriage: sure why not
the pythagorean theorem: a(a)+b(b)=c(c) *and what bitchez*
finish these
if i could change one thing about the world i would: shoot you
if i could change one thing about myself i would: not shoot you
roses are red, violets are blue: I'm schizophrenic and so am I
respond to these
no, not the red button!! anything but the red button!!!: so the red button then?
how could you?: quite easily actually
take your shoes off i want to suck your toes: sounds kinky, I'm in
and finally...
who killed the kennedys? your mom
the pics have a catch....
-no more than four normal pictures, one picture of you makin some sweet sweet love to the camera, and another of you as any horror movie character (play dress up, pretend its halloween). make it good.

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